G.I. Jayne...Jiggy jada

The Artist

G.I. Jayne’s musical gifts have enabled her to write her own music, making waves and stirring up conversations about this talented artist, and her ability to transcend more than a memorable beat, but the ability to convey real life through her hard hitting, truthful, and at times even tender lyrics.

She is representing MMOB Entertainment (Mynding My Own Bizness) well. G.I Jayne’s long anticipated project—G.I. Jayne Purple Heart mix-tape, hosted by Big Dawg Pitbulls Dj Magic—will be dropping soon.

MMOB ‘s first lady, G.I. Jayne is more than a performer. She is an artist, dedicated to her craft and social consciousness. Drawing from her own struggles, she created the anthem: Stop Bullying. A powerful song that speaks to the harsh realities of bullying. From this powerful song came a film project: The Stop Bullying Project, which resulted in the upcoming film: The Bully.

G.I. Jayne, along with her management, Executive Producer Jacquelyn Wilson, teamed up with Executive Producer Maurice Wilson of Black Moesart Music and NXT LVL Entertainment, Producer/Director Gerald K. Barclay of Gee-Bee Productions, and assistance from IlluminArt Productions, a non-profit organization that enables people of all ages to find solutions to complex challenges through theater and performance. They combined their crafts of music, film and theater to help bring attention to this growing problem of bullying.

G.I. Jayne's motive is to encourage the youth to believe in themselves while opening up this generations eyes to the darkness they’re sometimes trapped in. Moving with militancy and diligence she is prepared for war and fights for the cause.

In hot demand for her creativity and electrifying performances, G.I. Jayne has been making her way throughout the states performing at various venues, and being interviewed by radio personalities wanting to know more about whom she is and getting a taste of what she is bringing to the Hip Hop genre. And now the Film industry.

G.I. Jayne aka Jiggy Jada is continuing to make a name for herself not only in the music world, but in the hearts and minds of the socially conscious that want to make a difference. Along with her management, MMOB, G.I. Jayne is here for the long run…making music and creating social change.

"Nas is my favorite rapper, and the 90s era is the story of my life. I live for music and die for truth rather they accept it or not.” G.I. Jayne

The Bully

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